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Welcome to A Bookcase for Young Writers

This bookcase features virtual shelves filled with books, apps, and web interactives to inspire children from kindergarten through Grade 5 to become confident, expressive, creative young writers.

  • It includes fiction, nonfiction and poetry as well as picture books, chapter books, and e-books

  • It has links to child-engaging information and topics related to the all writing ideas in the Bookcase.

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This bookcase is intended as a starting point for children, teachers, families, librarians and other adults who want to read books that will inspire writing.

We have selected the following types of titles:

Books where one of the main characters is a writer to show youngsters the power of written communications. In many stories, the writer is a child so youngsters see other children using writing to create and express ideas.

Books that showcase different writing genres to offer young writers an introduction to different forms of writing. We include multiple forms of poetry, fiction writing, and nonfiction among the genres featured in the bookcase.

The initial version of this bookcase appeared in Kids Have All the Write Stuff by Sharon A. Edwards and Robert W. Maloy (Penguin, 1992). The current listing is a substantially updated version.

We welcome your ideas for this wiki. Please email additions, suggestions or critiques to

Thank you.